Free Hardwood Cutoffs

I’ve got a pile of hardwood scraps I’m giving away. Kind of a mix of stuff. Some of it was cut into strips for glue-ups then never used. Some of it was sticker material for drying, so 1x1 to 1x2 type of material, great for getting in some pen turning practice.

Needs to be picked up in Plano - maybe one of the usual suspects would be willing to swing by.

There is bit more than what is pictured here.

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I can come get it and drop it off.

@SWA: If I provide delivery services, is there an acceptable place in Woodshop areas to drop this off at? And is there a way to dole it out such that no single person hogs it all?

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How could you use such a term as “HOG IT” amongst all of these fine closet hoarders? Let me ask the woodshop crew for ideas.


Idea: I can bundle up handfuls and tie/tape them…looks like maybe a dozen or so bundles? Then…I dunno…parcel them out at WSB classes, even if not taking class…anyone interested in a bundle just shows up and asks for one? I get why this isn’t the most optimal of suggestions…


@Lloyd_Plum : thanks for thinking of us, BTW. It goes without saying (or does it?) that if anyone wants to offer you a couple of hundred dollars for the lot, go ahead and take it!

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The smiles on the faces of DMS woodworkers is worth more than any amount of money.


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My money is on “No”. Decent scrap tends to find a home. You should probably start checking the Woodshop and warehouse trash cans. Anything there is normally considered fair game.