Free Equipment - Engraving Machine 2021/09

I have a mechanical engraving machine that I would like to donate to DMS. This is like a small CNC machine that is mainly used for marking/etching metal, plastic, acrylic. If interested please send me a message.

Celia Aragon
[email protected]

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What’s the name of this machine? We’ve got a Metaza, and a couple of Shapekos…

It’s a Meistergram rotary engraver. It comes with a controller, software (EngraveLab), and some cutters.

@Team_Creative_Arts – thoughts and opinions, folks?

What size is it? the Mataza is great but very small.

The engraving area is 18" x 28"

The PigSIG and machine shop could benefit from this


@dryad2b - I think we should let the plastics/machine groups move on this vs us. I don’t want to get involved in sticking substrates…

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Fine… @Team_Machine_Shop . Is there a leader for the PIG/SIG?

Boss Hogg is @nicksilva

He says he’s a mere peon…

I’ve never met him, but we were told that @Chetan_Raj is the leader of the PIG SIG.

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I missed that update,

who? and the necessary additional text.

Not the SIG leader, just set it up and teaches now and then. We should bring it up at the next meeting

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I’ve seen one of these used at a sign shop, they’re good for making small dual color signage with polystyrene sheets. It is definitely not powerful enough to replace the shapeoko.

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Might be easier to get people using it. Signs is what I was thinking


So – a couple of things here.

I have accepted this with my authority as Creative Arts chair, but I am hoping to get it into the PIG/SIG.

I’m going out of town this weekend, and I just read my email to find that the donor is moving out at the end of the month. She says it’ll take a truck and 3 guys to move it. My thought is that we might be able to stash it temporarily in the North Warehouse (@yashsedai ??) if y’all can organize that. From there, it will move to either Plastics or CA this next week.

If y’all can make this happen, fabulous! Otherwise, I will make it happen by Thursday.

Please email the donor if you get this organized.

I’m headed out the door in about 1/2 hour, but I should be checking Talk later tonight.

I’d like to know more about it. IE pictures if we can

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Attached are some pictures of the engraving machine. It also comes with a vacuum, engraving software key, instructions manual, and some cutters.