Free Cassette Deck

Any makers want this Sony Double Compact Cassette Deck (model TC-W285)?
It works, but it has an unusual “system control port” (see photos) connection. I do not have the cord or any of the other system components. So it might be best for parts?
4-Track, 2-Channel Stereo
1 x Record/Playback, 1 x Playback, 1 x Erase
16.93" x 4.63" x 9.84"

I don’t know much about this machine (it is my husband’s), but I’ll do my best to answer questions. It was well taken care of (and non-smoking home) but we’re having a hard time remembering how it connects to a system.

That goes to a stack for sam era modules. I have a kenwood system, separate tape player, cd player, eq, and amp/radio

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I agree, I believe it was built to go with a system. But perhaps the parts could be useful to someone. Or the back could be opened up and rewired for standard ports.

sell it on ebay, two sold in February

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