Free: Anyone want Liquid Starch?

Anybody want 4 bottles of Liquid Starch?

We got it for some craft project for the kids then never touched it…

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Yes! My wife uses it in her kindergarten classroom to make silly putty with the kids.


I was planning to swing by the space tomorrow sometime, to drop off other goodies which are more compatible with the freebie shelf. Could we catch up sometime - maybe around lunch time - or perhaps pick a place I could set them with your name on them?


It might be tough for me to be there during the day but if you could leave it with my buddy Burt @SWA, he’s agreed to hold them. He is working on the tables on the front side of automotive.


ok cool - sounds good.
I’ll look for Burt around lunch.

Thank You!

Thank YOU. I told my wife I’d scored her some starch and she was very appreciative. She and all of her coworkers do these silly putty and slime things with their kids.