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Kickstarter Frame.IoT

note: this is an affiliate link, I am a backer, and if yall use this link, I might get more free stuff if you back it.

Powered by the ESP-32, the Frame.IoT is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled. We packed it with all the plug-and-play utilities you’ve come to expect — USB-to-Serial converter, automatic bootloader reset and Lithium Ion/Polymer battery charging circuit. To make it project-ready, we gave the Frame.IoT a microSD card socket for all your data logging/storage needs, a super powerful digital audio amp to stream audio over the internet and blast notifications, a 16-pixel addressable RGB LED ring to light up your project, a toggle that lets you choose to power your peripherals over USB or battery, and an unencumbered momentary push-button to trigger any action you choose.

Waddya think @bpamplin and others?


@dougemes Thanks for posting this and backing the project. The last thing I need is more electronics parts but I threw in $10. It is a very nicely packaged group of components that are extremely popular with hobbyists. The Huzzah32 is an upgrade of the ESP8266. I’ve taught a numbers of DMS classes with the Wemos D1 Mini ESP8266. They are both awesome. I like that jumpers control whether data pins are used for the designated purpose or free for other uses.

The photo with the breadboard could be misunderstood to imply that for $39 you get at least the board and LED ring. Based on the descriptions, it seems that you get only the board and jumpers for $39.

I hope the project succeeds. I’ll be available to help any DMS member with the software side of the project.


The LED ring is part of the board, from what I read. It is not an additional piece.


I do have a few of these which is now probably my favorite dev board since they are small enough for wearables. You can get them half the price here on Alibaba so IDK if 40$ is worth it unless it does exactly what you want.

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