Found Backpack with D&D Materials

Hello There! First off, I know absolutely nothing about D&D so I apologize if this is not the right space to reach out. After some googling and searching through reddit I landed in this community.

On Sunday evening I found a backpack outside a parking garage near my home with a several D&D textbooks and binders inside.

I’ve posted in my neighborhood group and around the complex with no luck. There are several note cards in one of the binders with what may be players’ names. Would it be helpful to mention these names in hopes of finding the backpack’s owner? Are there any other forums or groups anyone may recommend posting in?


I’d sign up on Imho, it’s one of the best resources for hyper-local messaging like this.

If seen lost drones, dogs, horses, and even cows (seriously - I live in a more rural area) find their way home using this site.

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This person came on talk because they think DMS is like the nerd HQ…

You mean it’s not?

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  1. There is an active DND group at Madness Games and Comics in Plano. The staff their might be able to help.

‭+1 (972) 943-8135‬

  1. You might also check with the Apartment Manager to see if they recognize the name(s).

  2. Checking with the local middle/high school might work in normal times…

(Added later)
4) Put a sign up where you found the backpack saying “I found your D&D back pack - ask the apartment office manager for my contact info” (to avoid publishing it for ALL to see).

Thanks! Nextdoor was the first place I posted. I’ll definitely try the groups at Madness Games and hit up the apartment complex. I appreciate the leads!


I’m rpg gamer nerdy with friends that are even way more so, I’ll raise the Nerd Flag of Alert in my circle just in case someone knows someone. Thanks for the heads up!

Edit: a rec from a friend, perhaps a post at the following-


Hehehe living room games. Hehehe


Thank you!

and for those not in the know, our friends from college named their tabletop gaming company that phrase, without the hehehehes.

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Any luck on finding the owner yet?

Perhaps you could share the names in the binder, it could be a long shot but someone may know them.

I’m active in the DND group at DMS and play at Madness games when not playing at DMS (And when not in isolation)

You can try too

It’s on there, I actually saw that share before I saw this post.

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I’ve posted to r/dallas as well as several suggested DnD subs. Glad it’s getting views @sinless!

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