Former Member - Laser Materials Donation

I am a former member and I have a number of laserable materials. Some is just some thin plywood but some others are transparent and mirrored acrylic.

Is the laser comittee interested at all? What is the best way to figure this out? Also please consider I no longer have badge access to the facility.


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We’ve certainly taken material donations in the past, typically they’re left on the laser project table with a sign and given out if anyone needs some. The committee itself doesn’t use too much material.

That being said, if you still would like to donate anything PM me and we can meet at the space some evening this week. I’d love to have a small pile of material for test cuts and I’m sure our teachers wouldn’t mind having something more stashed away for their classes. Anything else we can give out to the members as they need it.


Roger. I will reach out to you soon.


I’m trying to make an LED sign and some acrylic light painting tools for light photography. Definitely interested in what you have.

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If there is a piece of mirrored acrylic 10" x 10", and if the committee doesn’t take it - I’d love to have it.

It’s maybe 5 ft by 2 ft. Had a big project that just never came to fruition. Just promise me you’ll make something cool.

Oh wow. I can’t use anything nearly that size. I’ll just leave it for someone who can make a better use of it.

(I’d love to see a huge LED-lighted mirror acrylic DMS logo in the front lobby …)

me please :wave:

Still haven’t been able to find a time to drop it off. Is there anybody that can receive the stuff this weekend?

I can be up this afternoon or tomorrow. Let me know what time works for you.

I can do this afternoon. How about 2PM? I’m have a fairly flexible schedule as well.

Works for me

I’ll be there. I’ll be the guy carrying all the large flat laserable materials. :slight_smile:

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Ill be there also

I’ll running a bit late so I’ll be around the laser area probably still cleaning off the scrap shelfs when you get there.

Hey I’m afraid I missed you, sorry about that. The scrap shelf is cleared off though so if someone let’s you in you’re more than welcome to leave stuff there.

I accepted the donation. Lets go through it. Send me a message when youll be around

Thanks man. No worries though, I brought it back to the shelf formerly known as the scrap shelf. I think we gotta rename it now.

Wanted to say I really appreciate the donation! I believe all our members will be able to make some cool stuff with it.

Along those lines, I left a note on one of the larger pieces. Basically, I’d love to see it used for DMS, but I personally don’t have the creativity or time to do that. What I can do is offer it up to the membership with the request that it be used for DMS, and the offer of help or other project parts if it’s used for that purpose.

I think that’s the best way to get it put to good use, and maybe we’ll learn a few lessons along the way.

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