For those who always ask about Glass Blowing


Thanks for posting this I have been looking for glass classes lately, with Coronavirus and an immune compromised husband I have not had a chance to go any. In my research I found this place people might want to check this place out as well

Dallas Glass Art
(214) 741-144
1820 Irving Blvd
Dallas TX 75207

Their prices are competitive without a Groupon. They are group classes but they have them every Saturday. Also just looking at the two websites these guys offer more options of thing to makelike glasses and flowers. The Corporate Image Group appears to offer flame worked glass ornament, marbles, etc. Here is their Facebook page for classes.

Either ones is probably a great experience depending on what you are looking for in a class.


Simon Waranch is a 16yo glass phenom from the area. If you can get one of his classes, it will be well worth the value. :+1:t3: