For sale: D bot and accessories

I have a fully functional D-bot with a 12”x12”x12” build space for sale.

My wife and I built it in 2017 and it has been our home work horse printer for several years until we upgraded to an ender and elegoo.

It does PLA prints very well but doesn’t hold bed temp high enough for ABS due to the bed size. We bought everything last year to upgrade the bed to a 120v heated bed so that it could do ABS, but I got distracted with blacksmithing and never got around to it.

All the pieces for the bed upgrade will be included. Also pieces for filament feed upgrade will be included.

It’s a great printer for learning 3D printing on. You will be forced to learn to tune, maintenance, etc. and the build volume is massive.

Asking $500 obo for everything.



I can confirm is a really solid 3D printer design, I’d say this is better than a Creality printer this size. I half built one but got distracted with another project.


Bumping because I need this out of the garage and was reminded nicely by my wife this morning of its existence. If you’re at all interested in tinkering with 3d printer for a little cash let me know and we will work out a deal.


it’d be good to list on the /r/3dprinting or (unfortunately) FB marketplace


Sold! :wink:

Thanks Ian! Much appreciated!


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