Flooring work updates - Use Alternate entrance beginning 4 PM Sunday the 11th

Contractors will be on site starting Monday, 2024-02-05 to redo some of our floors. We’ll keep this updated until they wrap up.

EDIT 2024-02-11: Contractors will be starting in the front lobby area on Sunday 2024-02-11 4 PM in the bathrooms and continuing with all of the front area except the old conference room next week which means that our main front entrance will be blocked off. The old 104 entrance, which is now the current arcade, will be the temporary entrance while the North Lobby area is being worked on.

Completed: They have started in what was the Wet Classroom and will become the new galley. The doors are blocked off with plywood and this area is NOT available for members for a few days. You must take an alternate route through the building.


The first leg of floor work is curing. In a few days we can walk on it. More updates to come!


The pass through is back open and ready for use


We realize everyone is excited and wants to see what’s happening with our capital improvement project. With this in mind we will post updates on this thread for the Front Lobby area. We hope it goes without saying, the lobby is off limits until it has been released again for use. Depending on how things go, it might be temporarily open for tours on Saturday, then closed again for the reminder of the week.

@engpin and @Julie-Harris have selected exciting new epoxy floor colors for the front lobby, classroom and restrooms. Should look great.

If you would like to get involved and volunteer as opportunities arise please drop a note @Julie-Harris

Sunday Feb 11
The contractors have started removing the old tile from the restrooms.

Saturday Feb 10
Your Board Member @TJSmith is hard at work getting things taken apart for the flooring contractor.

Board Member @engpin & @rayenendeid
Beginning the process of painting the new break-room
{Pics coming Soon]


Actually the credit for helping paint goes to @rayenendeid

Also we will be posting updates to the already pinned topic at the top
Of talk.

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Is there any plan to replace the missing ceiling tiles in the women’s restroom while the rest of the update is taking place?

Not just those ceiling tiles, there are many others and diffusers to clean or replace as well. We need volunteers for that work though as the flooring contractor will not be doing so.

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New break room who this ? Thank you @rayenendeid and the rest of the team for all the help. We will be moving the market in that room today. And tables and the rest (excluding sink and cabinets) should be in there by Monday.