Flexible laser material- ear savers

I want to cut some semi-flexible ear savers on the laser. Has to be sturdy enough to hold the elastic on the mask.
Everyone seems to be 3D printing them, but I suck at 3D printing and am getting passable at the laser :slight_smile: I don’t have the mental space to fight the 3D printer



Template plastic from rowmark

Funny thought,
Maybe use the plastic from a 2 liter bottle? I believe most are PET plastic, I don’t remember if that is approved. The nice part is you are recycling and the plastic already has a natural curve. Plus, I think it will lay flat if you weigh it down.

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This is ok to cut on the laser. I don’t remember how well it works, but it is safe


EVA/craft foam? I know it works on the laser but not sure about your application

Not really sturdy enough for the little thing that holds your mask on without using your ears. It needs to hold the S shape. It might work if it were perfectly fitted to the wearer, but not so good if it needs to fit a larger head.

oh I was thinking of something to work as a pad behind the ear

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