Flatbed printer for acrylic & other materials

Is there a plan to get a flatbed printer so that we can print on materials such as acrylic or wood?

currently there is no plan to get a flatbed printer. It is hard to fund such an item, the only reason we have a working large format printer is due to the extensive money and time put in by @pandabob. The board hasn’t shown much want for printers. However, I do printing for a living and and have access to a flat bed printer, if you would like something printed I can do it, I would have to charge though. It would be printed on a high-end HP Latex flat bed printer.

Hope this is helpful.

I’d like to find out more info about this.

If like to come by and see your shop sometime.

Sure @pandabob,
I’m back from LA, so if you want to drop by we are around normal business hours.

Hi @Nick,

I know this is an old thread, but I’m trying to find a printer who can print UV inks on glass. need a quote for a job.

Any help appreciated.


I’ll send you a PM with my info, Just send me some more specifics.

I too would like to see your print shop!

@tom you are of course welcome to drop by. I’ll PM you my address, Tuesday for lunch are mostly open for me.

Hi Nick, I am just find the 5 year old post. Are you still in the printing business?

Yes, I still do print.

I have a business related question for you. Would you be available to chat?

ie: Inquiring about your services for ongoing projects.

Just sent you a pm with my number. Glad to help.