First search suggestion .... A Superb owl would have been more interesting


Don’t get me wrong. I like football but this game was underwhelming. I couldn’t decide if I wanted the Rams to win or the Patriots to lose. And yes, that was a real search I did.


I didn’t watch. Both outcomes disgust me: Cheatin’ Patriots get another ring, or that jackwagon Ndamukong Suh gets a ring. I kept hoping for an option C, would’ve preferred a Superb Owl.


I watched the SB for the commercials only. The whole NFL game has been perverted by the kneeling controversy. I too didn’t have a dog-in-the-hunt for this game. Either team was a bad choice. The fact that the Pats won again, makes the game even less interesting to me going forward.


Well … Who do you think the Patriots will face in the next Superbowl? :roll_eyes:


Check out r/superbowl on reddit


Couldn’t tell you the last Super Bowl I watched. I have better things to do with my life.



I’ll pass on the fake hero worship, pseudo manliness contest.


There was a superb owl rehabilitated a year or 2 ago at the Blackland Prairie raptor center.


I can occasionally interest myself in minor league sportsball - the desire to excel seems stronger and there’s a level of humility that’s missing with the pros who have made it bigtime and are at some level just phoning it in.

But I just don’t find it all that interesting. And maybe - just maybe - the fella in another org a few cubes down at the office that likes to preach The One True Theory of Sportsball™ will have to find something else do during working hours.



I personally think College Football is much more interesting these days.


College overtime rules are definitely better. The NFL rules still give too much of an advantage to the winner of the coin toss; it is better than it was, however.

We watched the A&M vs LSU game and laughed every time an overtime “quarter” wound up tied yet again. Especially after every possibility, field goal, touchdown with extra point kick, touchdown with two points after and touchdown with no points after. The only thing they did not do was matching safeties…


As a two time A&M grad I hated and loved that game. It was so, so crazy and so very nerve wracking up til the 5th or so OT where it was just like ‘aight fuck it, just someone win already.’


We were saying that it has been so long, go for a record.

As it was, the record for the most overtime periods was tied and for the most points scored in a game was broken. Someone not paying attention when seeing the final score probably thought it was a basketball game.


I was in the marching band in high school. Saw my lifetime supply of sportsball games…