Fingerprint Scanner Dev Project

I need a dev board for working on a fingerprint scanning project. I need a fingerprint scanner dev kit and possibly an SDK.

Does any one know a good dev kit, also any literature around it will also be helpful.

Google “fingerprint scanner development kit”.
Here’s some results

Will also note, there seems to be at least two classes of these. Low end ones, where the fingerprint will only eve work on the sensor you enroll the fingerprint on, like small safes, and ones that can share profiles to other readers, like biometric facilities access. A deeper dive might prove me wrong, but depending on what you are trying to do, it is an area you may want to research before getting too deep.

My idea is to work on both the situations. I am working on an algorithm that will be an enhancement on how the fingerprint is stored and later referenced for authentication.

So I think your challenge will be to find a dev kit that provides the raw scan, which is even a step more rare than the ones that can upload their match profile to share with the other scanners.

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This one should give me that flexibility. I just need it for a Proof of Concept.

I’d start out with one of the cheep usb scanners off amazon:

Those are going to be more commonly found on devices than anything else.

Then from there try it with the adafruit model that way the algorithm can work with a wider range of scanners.

I don’t think we can hack the source code/drivers and use it for customized algorithm. I need something like an SDK with the hardware to implement my PoC.