Fiber laser options? Vendor recommendations?

Has anyone used a fiber laser or have any recommendations for fiber laser options? I’ve got some rustic metal I need to engrave some names into.

Colby Sherman

I’ve been talking to San Antonio laser below is screenshots of the email. He just sent me.

Not sure if it’s in the future plans; but I know that personally, I would be absolutely thrilled if DMS were to acquire a fiber laser.

Anyone have a fiber laser connection I could hire this work out to?

What specifically do you want the fiber laser to be capable of doing? I’m curious as to what jobs/uses people want to use a fiber laser to complete.

Also, on that note, sometime in the next couple weeks there will be a survey that will be posted on here in regards to fiber lasers/ the laser committee in general.

Keep an eye out for it if you’re interested in the space getting one.


I need the laser to engrave a name into uncoated metal