February Needs Attention Shelf 2024

New pieces added to the needs attention shelf. Pls check if your piece is here if you can’t find it. Thank you!

I went in to look for my dinosaurs and could not find them, I do not see them on the shelf that needs attention, nor did I see them for the posting in January. Did they just get tossed without being given the chance to be placed on the needs attention shelf? I checked one day and it was there at the end of January when I went back 2 days later to take them home until we could finish them and they just vanished. Me and my wife worked hard on those and they had some meaning to us. I would like to know how my items didn’t receive the same procedures that many other pieces have had. I’m at the space 5 days a week and would check on those sculptures and never was there a violation note giving notice nor did it have the chance to be claimed from the needs attention shelf.

Can you tell us…greenware or bisqued?
And are they big or little? There is a lot on the shelves and littles get hidden. Are they in any of the pictures from kiln unloads that would give us any ides? Might be also possible that they are in the kiln right now.

It was three little dinosaurs, I think greenware had not been fired for the first time yet.

Okay….they loaded 2 kilns with greenware on Tuesday. Keep an eye out…they might be unloaded late tonight or sometime tomorrow depending on temp of kiln

Were they on the drying shelf or the ready to fire shelf? For how long?

They were on the drying shelf, and I am unsure of the date. I could have been past the allotted time, I’m new to the space and extremely new to that area. I’m mostly curious about how you determine which pieces to put on that need attention and are given a chance to be picked up versus the ones you potentially toss with no warning.

Needs attention shelf is only used for items that have been placed on the shelves for firing. If you have a piece on the in progress shelf then that is a whole different thing. The rules are on the shelves to show the timeline. If you have not been through ceramics orientation, please do as this not only goes over this, but a whole lot more. More visual too than just reading online. Due to a lot of makers making things and leaving them past due dates we have to throw things out…not out of meanness, but to keep our shelves from getting so backed up.

The drying shelves have a tendency to be sudden-death. You’ve got 30 days over there, and there are No Promises. Sometimes, when there’s a spot that things might be set, the person cleaning the drying shelves will set the “due to toss” stuff over there for a day or two and post a pic. This last time that those shelves were cleaned, there wasn’t room on the table under the TV to leave stuff, so they just went straight into the trash.

Needs Attention is mostly for glazed items that don’t follow our policies. And maybe greenware items that have gotten broken.

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