Favorite markets to buy (or sell)

Just curious, what are your favorite markets in DFW, since market season is in full swing, I don’t want to miss the best ones!


Don’t go to alot, but thought funky finds was nice.

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Market season is in full swing??

So, I’ve given up trying to sell stuff in the summer. Sure, you can find lots of markets, but folks seem to forget that they have a wallet when it’s hot outside. Indoor events are only attended if there’s some hook to get people to come in. Music events with vendors seem to work pretty well. Denton Art and Jazz… but that was April.

I thought that the Ceramics department used to do some farmers’ markets, but I don’t know which one/s. We tried the Coppell FM a couple of times. Did well the first time, but the next time they allowed non-food vendors they missed the right hit for payday. Lots of folks asking if we’d be back the next weekend, but it wasn’t a non-food-selling-weekend. Cheap set-up, so it was hard to really miss.