Family members - Account Trouble

Using MakerManager/“Assign Family Badges” I keep getting a “CakePHP Internal Error” page when submitting the “Create New Family Member” form.

I’ve also created Support Ticket #509222 but any insight into something I’m missing would be much appreciated :smiley:

I have been having the same issue. Not sure what is going on. I put my ticket in on the 29th, but haven’t heard anything back. Figure it is due to the holiday.

I got a confirmation email. The expected response time is within 3 business days.

Nah – it’s busted. I think the ticket is all that you need. Since you got a response, it should get resolved.

@Bri_Gearhart – if you haven’t heard, try sending an email to [email protected] . I mean, I think the same folks get both things, but for some reason the email seems to be worked … quicker? better?

I had part of the issue resolved. Just waiting on the second part. He can’t seem to log in to get put on events now. LOL Thanks for the email. I appreciate you.

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Seems to still be an issue, I’m getting the error today (6/13). I’ll open a ticket.