Failed registration

I was so excited to see the beginner throwing class (Sunday @4) but was rejected? It cancelled me before accepting my registration. Does anyone know why?

Not sure why it would cancel before registering for Michael’s class, I tried signing up and it says pending approval.

Do u have Michaels contact info, by any chance?

Sorry, unfortunately I do not.

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@wizlog please check your class info and/or approve from Los for your class and f you listed teacher approvals needed.

@Flips4soccer good to see you back :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Not always, but very often some basic searches in “magnifying glass” search tool at top of TALK screen in menu bar area will result in some meaningful information:


So I would tend to conclude that MM == @wizlog

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Thank you so much!! Can’t wait to see you!!!

Lol! Thank you!!!

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Hello @Flips4soccer,

The system shows that you canceled your registration. Can you try to register again?

Oops – the system doesn’t let the same email register once it’s been cancelled. And, it’s a little too easy to cancel. If this isn’t a member-only class, any other email could work.

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