Faceplate for Oneway

Is there a faceplate for the Oneway lathe. I can’t find it in and of the lathe chests.

Can we get another purchased?


Last I saw it it was on a very large 4ft tall vase - not sure if it is still on it.

What size? They come in 3" 4" 6" 8" and 10". The 4" is around $60. I also need to verify the spindle is M33 x 3.5 TPI

If we had one I expect it might be attached to someone’s personal project.

I would go with an 8" or 10". There are already several smaller faceplates that fit the Powermatic.

The blank I was hoping to rough turn last night is somewhere around 22" across, 4-6" thick and weighs 35-40lbs.

Additional ask.

Last time I tried to use the vacuum chuck I couldn’t find the gasket seals.

According to the spec sheet - the spindle is indeed M33 x 3.5tpi.

I looked for the oneway faceplate. It is not in the cabinets nor out in the storage area. I checked all the faceplates we have and none fit the oneway. But I could have missed it.

I’ll submit a request to Burt to replace it,

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We looked at the vacuum on Saturday and it looks like it needs new hoses and maybe some elbow joints to prevent kinking. We put it on the repair list during maintenance day

Any estimate on when the new faceplate(s) will arrive?

This morning.

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