Fabric for Dye sub


I plan to dye sub some photos onto fabric to incorporate into a memory quilt. 100% polyester fabric seems to be difficult to find, so I bought some online at Mood Fabrics.

I haven’t used these yet, but I thought I would share the info in case someone else has a similar need. Both of these are close-out fabrics; but they have 100 yards of one and 200+ yards of the other so I’m guessing it isn’t urgent yet. Minimum order is 1/2 yard; they do charge for shipping.

Both have the slightly stretchy feel that is classic of 100% polyester.

Both are off-white, although one is named ecru and the other is named ivory. They are slightly different colors. The labels are white paper so you should be able to tell the approximate fabric color. When the paper label isn’t on them, both look fairly close to white. Pure white fabric is not available.

Left side:
100% polyester ecru solid twill $12/yard
Has a light version of the classic twill texture, slight sheen. A little heavier than quilting cotton, but with nice drape. The bright sheen on this fabric is largely due to the lighting; it doesn’t appear quite that shiny in person.

Right side:
100% polyester - ivory twill. $7/yard

Approximately the same weight as quilting cotton. No discernible texture. This is the one I’ll probably use for my quilting blocks.