Excellent video on making a knife sheath out of leather

The Art of Craftsmanship has an excellent, detailed, step-by-step video on designing and building wet-molded leather knife sheaths with integral welts.

In addition to actually building three different sheaths in the video, he outlines a 21 Step procedure for sheaths in general.

Here are the 21 Steps (modified from the 18 shown at the start of the video). Note that these are his steps - you might develop your own modified list (e.g. making a template on card first, adding a leather tooling step prior to dyeing the leather, using a pricking iron rather than a drillpress for the stitching holes, adding a resist and antiquing gel, etc.)

21 Steps for Making a Knife Sheath - The Art of Craftsmanship
1	Trace the knife on leather
2	measure space for welt
3	Cut out leather including belt loop
4	Trace and cut out welt
5	Mark off belt loop attachment spot
6	Bevel edges
7	Dye leather (outside and both sides of the loop and inside top)
8	Finish belt loop and top edges 
9	Glue down belt loop
10	Mark and drill holes for loop and stitch
11	Cut 3 grooves down inside of fold to ease foldover
12	Glue in the welt and sheath edges
13	Clean welt edge on grinder
14	Mark and drill holes and stitch
15	Dye welt edge and burnish
16	Wet mold
17	Finish dye (touchups)
18	Add decorative groove with stitching groover
19	Oil
20	Finish edges with burnisher and edge kote
21	Carnuba cream and buff

Finally, here are links to other videos in which he makes the knives featured in this sheath video.

Knife Talk build along (5 video series): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLg3eVGW_EdJhHAlgnyWSUSL72RcSzTf7n

Bone handle knife: https://youtu.be/rcxANzLtY2A

Railroad Spike Knife: https://youtu.be/bPV8QbwKhd0


Welcome to the very first thing I ever made as a member at DMS.

Being left-handed drove me to DMS to make this knife sheath because nobody was making left-handed sheaths in the vicinity, and I wasn’t going to ship my knife across the country.

It’s rough as hell, but the sheath fits the knife (and the flashlight) like a glove. The ‘snap’ it makes when the knife is inserted into the sheath is about the most satisfying sound ever.

I need to revisit this build and do it again