Evaluation of student electronics projects

So, for my sins, I have a side job as an adjunct for an electronics class, for physics undergraduate majors, so electronics geekery for not Electrical Engineers. I made the decision to keep the tradition of the class doing minor projects during the last month of the semester as a way to have them do electronics work in the best way possible, by actually designing, making, and evaluating circuits to do a job. They are to give a primary and an alternate proposal for me to judge and have them try to build it.

That being said, their project proposals are due at the end of this week, and I’d like input from as many experts as possible in the next couple of weeks afterwards on what you might think is possible for people taking an intro-to-electronics class, because this is my first time running the course, and I’d rather get as much advice as possible over allowing the students to have their reach far exceed their grasp and fail completely (maybe a bit of minor failure is good, because I’m grading on “good attempt” not “works perfectly and has no unnecessary parts”). Would be happy to pay in beer/food to sit down and discuss some of these proposals.

Sure, why not. I’ll volunteer. I don’t get to use my EE degree nearly enough anyway :slight_smile:

Great, so I don’t have a good immediate date to meet up (as I promised my wife to go out of town for spring break) but sometime after the 20th could I ping you about them?

Some time ago a number of us build a Michigan Mighty Mite in a basic electronics class taught by the late Walter Anderson.

It was both fun, instructional and resulted in a useful little radio. I would think this would be a nice project for a group of physicists.


Sounds great.