Essential Oils Setup


For those taking the Distilling Essential Oils class I’ve made an illustration of the setup that may be easier to parse than a photo. I don’t have the names for all of the materials, so if anyone would like to label it that would be appreciated. Also if I’ve missed anything let me know!

Edit: made the other support visible


The left hand side needs a support on the vapor tube(?), If that’s what the stuff is midway up the tube it’s hard to tell that it’s actually a support unlike the one holding the right side up


Yeah, the picture I was referencing had the support kind of hidden from view. I’ll add it.


It’s still worlds better than the pic I made after the class lol


To be fair, illustration is my job :joy:


Wonderful illustration and quick turnaround. I’ll get you the label names to fulfill my side of the effort. Thank you for doing this!


super cool, thank you! Well done! Truly good job


someone came up to me the other day and said you did a great job in the oil class, thank you!


Thanks for letting know man!


Could I get a BOM (bill of materials) on that?

I know squat about chemistry but I have a fixed-income aunt I love who buys essential oils and probably pays too much.

I want to buy her a set of that glassware, heater, water pump, tubing, and I’m willing to spend extra to make it very nice.

Advice, please?

Bruce Mihura


Thats really nice but man the output of oil to input of time and biomatter is really bad. As overpriced as the oils can be they still may be the cheaper option. I’d give you a BOM but I don’t know the correct terms for everything sorry.