End-of-Life Quilting Help

This was posted in my local IHateMyNeighbor.com site:


If anyone is interested in…something?..let me know and I’ll figure out how to connect you. I can also have OP post here but it seems like more rigamarole than it would likely be worth for her.


Um… sounds like she has a lot of tops that need to be quilted. But that’s not an easy undertaking. If she has money, it would be easy to connect her with long arm quilters to do that part of equation, then others can help with the binding. As a guideline, most longarmers charge around $0.02 to .05 per square inch, depending on complexity of the quilting design. A queen size quilt is at least 86” x 86”. Do the math.


Not sure. I just saw the post on another argument platform and thought I’d pass along. It would probably only apply to folks up in Denton county who liked quilting and wanted to donate some emotion and time and energy. That’s probably pretty limited population, though, but I figured I ask anyway…


Given how much energy they’ve devoted to mask making, yeah. Very small subgroup.

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