Embroidery Classes - what days/times are best?


Hey guys, I teach the hand embroidery classes and I just submitted two more for next Thursday 5/23 at 12PM and 2PM. I’ve heard that lots of people are interested, but haven’t been able to make the class times I’ve hosted so far. Please comment or message me what days/times would be better for you guys and I’ll see if I can make it work. :slight_smile:
I’m also planning a class where instead of just learning the stitches, you complete a project of a set design. Let me know what you think about that, also!



I’ll post this over on fb for you and ask the fiber hive-mind

I know weeknights tend to be good for a lot of them

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Ah, yes! You’re the best! :smiley: I really appreciate it.

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Hosting classes during the work day can sometimes work, but it definitely reduces your pool of potential students quite a bit. The various times get you different student groups (day makers, people who only take classes after work on weekdays, and the weekend only crowd).

I like the idea of a project class, are you thinking a sampler type thing or a design of some kind that everyone recreates? I know it past beginner stuff, but I’ve wanted to attempt one of the pet portrait type hoops. I realize that doesn’t really work well as a class in itself, but perhaps something on colors and layering and ‘painting’ with stitches?



I was going to start with a somewhat simple floral design sampling the stitches that my other classes teach that I would sketch ahead of time and help students mark/plan on their fabric and then walk them through it for the duration of the class.
As far as pet portrait projects, I can teach embroidery basics, but I think that the thread painting technique is something that I can figure out how to teach - the basics of color selection, transition and texturing could definitely be its own class if more people express interest.
Thank you for the input! I’ll likely offer a variety of classes.



From the hive-mind on fb Fiberholic group so far…

And for myself, yes, interested in project thingy. I prefer weekday evenings. Can do after Memorial Day.

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Oh, and there’s two others I am 90% sure would be particularly interested that are busy until summer.

And pretty sure a few others would do it just because the rest of us are and it’s social too. That’s what we do :slight_smile:



I think for most of us evenings are better because of work. Your class Sunday had great times, it just happened to be on mother’s day



Okay, that’s great to know! Thank you!