Eclipse 2024-04-08

In a week’s time there’s going to be a solar eclipse.

Prospects in AR looking a little better - albeit mostly to a matter of degree.


Lol. I was having this conversation with my wife last night. I told her it was still happening. We just may not be able to see it.

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Clearly someone needs to reschedule the eclipse or the bad weather.


One of the first things I learnt when I moved here was that age old saying, “If you don’t like the weather in Texas, just wait 5 minutes”.

I’m sure we’ll be fine… :smiley:

I’ve just made a HARD pivot. Despite a primo space at a State Park in south Texas I’m now driving to Niagara Falls. Bought my daughter a ticket home one hour after totality.

Didn’t they declare a proactive “state of emergency” up there because of the massive influx of people expected?

Yep. Oh well. I have an AirBnB in Canada and an airplane ticket for my kid!

A bit more than a day trip…

Bottom Line

The forecast for Eclipse Day continues to be cloudy, however not all hope is lost! Widespread upper cloud cover is likely, but dense low clouds look less likely. Don’t focus on the exact areas, just yet, as these forecasts will change a bit each day.

Weather Highlights through April 9th

● Dry and tranquil weather conditions are forecast for much of this week.

● Friday and Saturday will be breezy, particularly west of I-35.

● An active pattern is expected through the latter half of the weekend.

● A cold front Sunday will push most of the dense low clouds closer to the Gulf of Mexico.

● Eclipse viewability will largely depend on how fast the dense low clouds return north Monday and how dense the upper clouds will be.

● About 50% of the computer models show rain during the day Monday, mainly in the afternoon.

● Widespread showers and thunderstorms are expected Monday night into Tuesday.

Yep. And if we see it, totally worth it. The eclipse will happen an hour before my daughter’s flight boards. I’ll be watching from a parking garage at the airport. Less than I’d planned for, for sure.

A cloud cover dashboard (got to scroll around the map to get city forecasts). Not looking good for NTX. Not sure that roads are going to be amenable to driving anywhere on short notice.

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I have a friend with 13 acres up in Clarksville, TX. Won’t be clear anywhere in NTX, but the closer to AR you get, the odds become slightly better (i.e., from really bad to marginally better).

We may decide to trek up 2.5 hours to Clarksville, but we’re likely going no farther than that. High thin clouds would still make for decent viewing.

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Hm. Maybe not…

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Okay, I think you’ve determined one of the songs for our trip.


The official story is that this song was named after a town in AZ, but with Nesmith being influenced by TX, NTX in specific, one wonders…

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Yeah, didn’t his mother invent post it notes?

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Nvm…i meant white out


I could trek to the folks’ house in SW AR and transition to the southern extreme of totality - assuming I-30 isn’t impassable.

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Go by Grant’s BBQ in Clarksville for great BBQ and an eclipse party.


Trekking to SW AR. Hoping I can make a 4 hour journey in no more than 6 hours.

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