"Ease", and what it may mean in a sewing pattern

@geekynekoluv – you had asked this question in the last pattern class, and I’ve finally put the answer into words.

If the instruction in the pattern says “ease”, that means that you are sewing a slightly larger piece onto a slightly smaller piece, and you should do so without any wrinkles or pleats in the larger piece. Typically I will use a bazillion pins, so that I’ve got little room left for the fabric to wiggle.

In a larger sense, patterns include “ease” in the measurements that are stated on the pattern. The pieces will typically be bigger than the stated measurements on the back of the pattern. That gives you a bit of room. That depends on the actual garment. If it is supposed to be a loose-fitting garment, there will be several inches of “ease” between the measurements and the finished garment. It will have been designed to fit the measurements listed, but with that same looseness as the picture.


Thank you! That’s very informative and helpful! :smile:

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Another way to ease is to machine baste along the larger piece using a long stitch (5-6mm) and then just ever so slightly pull the larger piece smaller along the basting thread. Then pin like @dryad2b suggests … I find this method more easily eliminates creases or pleats.