Dynatorch not cutting completely the metal

Happy New Year everyone!

New issue with Dynatorch, the plasma runs but not cutting in some places(picture below).

Everything else seems to be working well.
Do we need to oil the belt? It is traveling very slow and it is noisy, like an old person with arthritis.
Not that I would know it :wink:


How thick is your material? What is the % of the feed rate? Is the cut chart set? Amperage?

Thank you Max!
Material is 14 G mild Steel
Amperage was 45 and I increased it to 65 and voila! it solved the issue.

There is a setting called cut chart where you select the material type, thickness and type of cutting tip and it shows a list of cutting tips that can be used and amperage settings to pick from. You pick one then install the cutting tip that matches the amperage setting.

You can’t just increase the amperage on the hypertherm without changing the cut chart and consumables in the cutting tip. The cut chart, amperage setting, and consumables all have to match.

If the hypertherm is set at 65 amps and you are using a 45 amp tip it will burn the tip up quicker. The 45amp tip has a smaller orifice and it can’t push enough air through it to handle 65amps. A burned up tip will result in poor cut quality with lots of dross.

The last setting to check is the cutting speed overide, it should be 100%, but I’ve seen it set to 200%, its goofy because it remembers the setting used by the previous user so if they screw it up then you are screwed if you don’t catch it.

When the cut chart has not been selected the default cutting speed is way too fast and it usually doesn’t cut all the way through the material, like your first photo shows.

We have a metal shop meeting saturday afternoon, come to that and someone can give you a refresher on the plasma cutter.

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Hello Randy,

I will be there.
The cut chart settings in the Dynatorch interface was set to the consumables for 45 A and the consumables I bought are supposed to be from 45 A to 85 A, therefore I changed only on the interface and the on the CNC machine behind the computer.
am taking the consumables with me to the meeting to confirm they are the right ones.
About the speed, Max told me how to change it, but I would love to hear more about it.

Thank you,

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