Dynatorch not connecting


Dynatorch “connecting using” is not connecting with controller. There is a message “Gcapa service is not running. Please reinstall Gali GDK”.
There is also an issue with the “Stop” button on the emergency stop (not the one in the desktop) that is broken!
Please help.
Thanks, Yeda

Are you running it from the Run As shortcut folder?
That opens a new window with the dynatorch and sheetcam software.

Yes, it does open the app and passes the first screen, the second screen is the one that does not find the controller and gives the error message.

Make sure the E-stop button below the monitor is pulled out to turn on the dynatorch. Should be a red light on the dynatorch controller indicating its powered up.

Thanks for the tip! I think it was the problem.
There was also a Microsoft operational system update. Not sure if it would impact anything.
I will try again tomorrow.

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