Dynatorch issues

Hi so at one point the dynatorch got stuck today and and the system did not fault out and the torch kept going. I attempted to wait for it to stop then I attempted to shut it off computer wise and it appeared to trip the breaker… went to the breaker nothing tripped… went to the outlet no voltage. Opened the outlet box no voltage on the rear of the outlet assembly… had to use the 3-1 ph adapter to plug the unit in to the 3 phase outlet to keep going…also got a 0-51 fault on the hypertherm several times which would eventually clear after letting the unit sit off for a bit and unplugging… so the single phase plasma cutter power plug is currently inoperative… the theory of myself and others is that either the breaker itself has gone bad or the building wiring of that circuit is bad … so for the sake of safety it should certainly be looked into soon by more qualified and authorized personnel.

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If you genuinely feel its unsafe you should tag it and lock it

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Calling @Team_Metal_Shop

When the torch doesn’t cut out on a crash you need to cut off the torch in the software when possible. The icons indicating sensor and output status on the top row are actually clickable (you want to hit plasma xfr iirc)

Note the breakers in the main electrical room are mislabeled, the breaker for that plug is actually on the woodshop panel. If that’s the one you checked that’s definitely a problem.

@procterc @TBJK are there currently known issues with the crash detection we haven’t fixed yet?

If I recall you were working with some thick and rusty plate. Were you running torch height control on this job?


The previous known issues with crash detection have been resolved. A 0-51 Fault code is the command for the torch to still run when the power is cycled. Jim is correct, the breaker for the Dynatorch is in the wood shop.

Was the gantry still going when the torch was? Or did the gantry stop & the torch keep going?

There was a class this afternoon that did not raise issues.

@hon1nbo certainly the reason for the crashing was it had difficulty recognizing when it was touching the plate because indeed it was quite rusty, i cleaned the plate and that helped but when it did get “hungup” the gantry would stop but the torch kept going and the spacebar would do nothing to stop it. I remember you saying “do you think you might wind up having a grounding issue” i thought you meant with the actual torch grounding not the ohmic sensor. @MrsMoose i do not think at all the the dynatorch is unsafe i was just unsure about the outlet the hypertherm was plugged into. Thank you all for the Intel on where the breaker actually is. I thought it was surely in the electrical closet.

The problem I have been having is that the head drops to find it’s surface level and the material is unsupported because of the unevenness of the support slats. the head pushes down past where it would go if it was on a flat firm surface, This starts the torch and establishes a cutting height lower than it should be so any variation is surface height contacts the head and stops it dead. My thoughts are to question the Ohmic sensor for allowing a substantial force at original contact and consider alternatives to slats. Wish I knew and understood more about the THC.

You and me both buddy.

please write the panel and breaker number on the wall over the plug.

We’ve had some problems with the THC before, but in general if you have a good ground and relatively clean material it can function pretty well. It’s arc voltage based, not determined by the initial height. The initial height becomes more critical when you turn THC off.

The slats are still the originals from the machine procurement; we should probably cut some new ones in the near future.


I love the idea that we cut the consumables on the machine that consumes them.

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“It’s the ciiiiiiiircle of liiiiiiiiiiiiiiife”


This would be a job for bar stock, with the quantity we would be buying we could very easily get it cut to length and delivered

yeah we need to do the solid math; it’s the first time replacing.

We can actually cut slats on the machine itself out of bulk sheet, but it may not be worth it.

@procterc @TBJK either of you know off the top of your heads what the slat size is? If not whomever gets to the space first of all of us if they could kindly post it so we can calculate cost.


48.5” wide. I think 4” slats on 2” centers. With a 110” span… I’m not 100% though.

48.5” by 4” 56 count 12 ga.

know if it will fit 11ga or 1/8? makes a huge difference in availability versus 12 since it is available as flat bar stock (12ga sold more as sheets)

I’ve got an angle grinder that says it will…

heh, since these slats don’t have any form of calibration / bearing on the CAM like the old PlasmaCAM that works in all honesty.