DynaTorch class on another day or at another time?

Hi All!

I am very interested in learning as much as I can in Metal Shop.

I would LOVE to learn the Dynatorch but the classes are only offered at 5PM on Sundays. Is there a posibility of a class being offered on a Thur-Sat, or maybe at 7PM on any other day? I work Sat-Wed and am unable to make Sunday classes.

Thank you so much!

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You could probably set up a time he could get you through the practical portion. Find the pdf presentation on DMS metal shop folder, go through it, watch the videos

I could definitely do that! How do I access the folders?

Go on the jump server or a DMs computer, there is a committee drive under This PC. Go to metal shop and plasma cutter.


Abitamim Bharmal

972 762 0666

[email protected]

I’m living in Austin through July, so I’m only up there on Sundays. In August I’ll be back in DFW area full time. The problem we’re up against at DMS is a drastic reduction in classes, so I won’t be increasing the frequency if classes I teach. However, as @abitamimbharmal said, during August I can arrange some kind of one on one to get you certified. If no one else does a class before then, DM me here on TALK,Aug 1 and we’ll figure something out. Is that ok?

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If you have the hot safety class I can do it at our convenience. If not I’ll do them both.


I don’t have a Safety class scheduled until July 21. Malcolm has one scheduled for July 20. If you are able to do it before then that work.

I did Hot Processes with Larry on 6.29.19 and that would be amazing! What days are easiest for you? I work Sun-Wed until 630 and am off Thur-Sat. I also can go through the power points when I am up at DMS next to help speed it along.

I’m retired so almost anytime works for me. How about sometime on Thursday.

That would be amazing! I could make it up there early afternoon; would 1:00 PM work? I can maybe get there before that so I can locate and read through the training materials as well.

Thank you!

My apologies, the system didn’t notify me of your response. Post a convenient time for you and I will make it. Again sorry.

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Hey, don’t stress about it; you are doing me the favor, haha. It is no problem, I hung out for a bit, went over the pdf of the training, and worked on some blacksmithing for an hour.

Would today at 1:00 work for you?

Yes that’s fine. See you then.