Dynatorch class on 10/15/2019 status

I requested entry for 10/15 Dynatorch lesion. I’m still pending! I saw Tommy was out of town. Is that class cancelled? Or wasn’t I approved. I haven’t heard either way. Thanks.

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This class, one presumes
Let’s tag Tommy @tomthm and see if he weighs in.

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I sent an email yesterday. Registrants show as pending until you go to the Eventbrite link to pay for the class. The link is shown on the calendar’s registration page. Let me know if you have any problems.


I’ve got you set for the Plasma Cutter class. The calendar wouldn’t let me approve you for some reason, but I"ll be there. You look the only person there, so if you have a design you want to work on, please bring it with you in DXF or SVG format.


I thought I’d give this a “lift” since Tommy didn’t reply directly to you. Read the message above this, if you haven’t already. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for everyone’s interest in my education.
F/U I met with Tommy and the Dynatorch lesson was great. He’s patient and very helpful. Highly recommended if you need Dynatorch help.

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