Dye Sublimation Training?



I could not find any upcoming classes on the calendar and i see that training is required to use the setup.

Would anyone be interested in teaching me a few things one night in the coming weeks?

I could bring beers or food, whatever you prefer, to thank you for this private session.

Thanks in advance!


Whichever he brings, I’d be happy to bring the other. :slight_smile:



And twenty extra cha…


I would like to learn as well!!! I could bring homemade scones or pie :slight_smile:


@CaryF300 typically teaches the classes. I’m not certified to do training, but if you have a project I’d be willing to help you.


I’ve added two classes in June on the 10th at 2pm and the 19th at 7pm. Unfortunately, I leave for Denver in the morning and won’t be back until next Monday night. Otherwise I would find a way to throw together an impromptu Dye Sub seminar.


Thank you thank you!