Dye Sublimation Sign Off

I would like to take whatever class necessart to get signed off on Dye sublimation and tshirt press

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@Team_Admin can we change the name on this one to something more appropriate to the request?

@CaryF300 is typically the teacher for Dye Sublimation, but I’m not sure if he’s teaching classes right now.

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It is done.
OP can do this.
Anyone TL 3 or greater can do this.
And so can the moderators team ( “at” moderators, or team_moderators)
as demonstrated, team_admin does not work.

i am interested also. Maybe there is a way that we could start taking classes online and then schedule the hands on so we do not have too many people in the space and can still maintain social distancing.


I like that idea
I actually know how to use the shirt press so i ask can i use the equipment if i already know how to use?

I also know stick, mig, vinyl cutter (plotter), could the same be done for these machines?

The flat heat press does not require training to use.

I’m willing to do a small (2-3 person) Dye Sub 101 class. I’ll need to figure out where to hold it since the room I had been using has been repurposed.

Which weeknight would you prefer for a class? (It would start at about 7pm.)

  • Monday
  • Tuseday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday

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Maybe think about recoding the class and putting it online. That would allow more people to be trained without having to do an in person class and then just have them test out to get access. I know a lot of people have mentioned interest in the class and it would be a great way for those signed off to watch a video for a refresher when they do their project.

We won’t be able to do mass in person classes for awhile still, so I think a lot of teachers should do this for different classes that are normally on the calendar (pre-covid).

We are working on an online class with an in-person sign-off/check-out, but it is not a reality, yet. Just recording the class is not sufficient, due to everything that is covered, but we are working on it.