Dye Sub Paper Missing From Envelope

Went to use a packet of the dye sub paper and found an envelope with only one sheet in it. We put it in the “empty” drawer to be refilled.

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Thanks for reporting this.

@Team_Logistics, are there any cameras in the Digital Arts room of CA?

Yes, do you have a timeframe for review?

We found the envelope shortly before I posted the original message…Dec 14 around 4:30pm. I don’t remember what time was written on the heat press when we were there though.

It was more of a question for future. I filled envelopes on Thursday, but didn’t check the contents of the ones already in the drawer. I couldn’t remember if there was a camera in that room. Thanks @Lampy.

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BTW dye sub paper makes for terrible paper airplanes.


It’s also possible that someone was returning an “empty” envelope to be reused (per the instructions posted there) and neglected to remove their one last piece from the envelope.

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That is very possible. One of the empties that I refilled had remnants of a page in it.

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