Dye Sub 101 - October 30th @ 7pm - Coming Soon


I’ve added a dye sub class for Monday 10/30 on the calendar. It should open Thursday, unless it gets fast-tracked.

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Four spots still open for tonight’s class.

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Signed up but due to pet emergency won’t be able to make it, and canceled reservation. I hope another of these classes gets put out again soon tho! :slight_smile:

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Any more coming up in 2024?

Yes, but it will still be a bit before I will do another class. My wife had major surgery last week, and I am her caregiver during recovery.

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Sorry, I hope she recovers well. While I have you, do we have a heat press and dedicated dye sub-printer at the maker’s space?

Carey wrote up a great page on DyeSub @ DMS on Source:
it lists the process and what tools/equipment we have, etc. and might answer your questions.

Hi! I’m the other dye sub teacher.
Yes, we have a sawgrass sg1000 that prints up to 13x19, and a 16x20 heat press.
There’s a class to be certified on it, let me know your availability and I will schedule one.


I am free most evenings.

Hi, there! When is the next 101 class?

I’ll get one on the calendar for later this month.