Dumb, dumber, dumberest questions

Yeah, I have a new appreciation for HVAC and Plumbing guys. I have it easy with my project but I can’t imagine being in a cramped space and dealing with this kind of heat. Is MAPP gas hot enough for the 45%?

Try tinning the parts. Apply a coating of the filler rod to each part separately, then put them together and heat.
This ensures that they each bond properly to the filler.


I have done that with the low temp silver solder but not the hotter brazing rods. Thanks, I should have thought of that!

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So where are the pictures of the finished project?

Indeed David! Thanks for the reminder! Here it is the day I finished it. Not sure I would do it out of round copper pipe again but it was a great project that taught me a lot. I do have some 1/2 inch square aluminum tubing that I plan to make the next one out of and probably half the size.


Very nice!

Thanks for showing it.

Now please put it up on Show & Tell to inspire others!

P.S.: I think it was a mistake not to use soda cans as your support material, but what do I know?