Drum Sander ETA - Done 2023/01/08

The Drum sander was still down this weekend any ETA on getting that back up?

Conveyor belt is on its way.

Keep us posted.

I think I saw some guy working on it the other day. Are there any updates or anything that could be done to help?

Tracking mechanism is shot and destroyed the new belt. It’s probably what killed the last belt. Trying to source parts for the tracking mechanism. New belt will be ordered Monday.

Just throwing it out there: it may just be time for a new machine. Sigh…


'Tis the season
SuperMax Single Drum & Dual Drum Sanders - tools - by owner - sale (local: Laguna Tools in Grand Prairie)

The SuperMax 19-38 Combo might better serve folk who are sanding for smoothness by having the brush sanding option. You would need to ask about abuse tolerance during drum/brush switch because of … yeah, DMS monkeybiz.

https://www.grizzly.com/products/grizzly-18-1-1-2-hp-open-end-drum-sander-w-vs-feed/g0458z (not showing as “on sale”, but is like the one I use.)

Anything else on this?

This thread will answer all your questions.

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So today, the drum sander wasn’t functional today. Anybody know what happened? And what the next chance it will be again functional.

The belt drive shaft snapped. This part can’t be purchased at this time and one being custom made by a volunteer. Maybe 30 days out. Hardwood Lumber of Dallas will rent you their sander if you really need the service. Otherwise you can use the Festool Rotex Sander in aggressive mode.

It will be posted when back online. It will require additional user training before anyone can use it. The last repair lasted less than 24 hours, due to us expecting too much from the device.