Don't do this . .

This article speaks for itself:

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Jesus, that is horrible.

How do I delete this post?

Why? It’s a good warning.


nothing wrong man, its sad and tragic but people should be warned.

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I made sure to share it with aquarium groups I moderate. People had been joking about being immune due to accidently consuming fish water and being immune, these two proved people are dumb enough to try it

Meanwhile, I have a friend with Rheumatoid Arthritis who needs this medicine and can’t get it because people are misusing it.

Can see the “Come sue with us” clowns having a heyday with this.
“bla, bla, bla,…
Was the container clearly marked ‘Not for human consumption’?
bla, bla, bla,…
You might be entitled to compensation for your suffering.
How do you get what you’re entitled to?
You come sue with us.
Call us soon. The longer you wait, the less worth your case becomes.”

Clearly this guy needed that warning and it could have saved his life. Your comment is unfair to your imaginary lawyers.

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Those “imaginary lawyers” sure do run a lot imaginary adds in various media.


That shit is supposedly very dangerous in just twice the therapeutic dose. Not to be trifled with. And contraindicated in heart patients like me.

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You imagine so!

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Like the TOUGH, SMART LAWYER… JIM ADLER! And his weenie son who tries to look tough, but comes across as a… well… weenie.

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not gonna lie, i’ve taken Fish Amoxicillin (aka zpack) off amazon before because I was that desparate. (student loans, full time little ceasers employee, no health insurance)

let’s look at this as more an indicator that when health care reaches too high of a price point, people will back channel, and increase risk under the table.


I would have never guessed that from your profile picture:


Amoxicillin is not a Z-Pack. A Z-Pack is azithromycin.


Yes, amoxicillin is in the penicillin class, beware of allergy

For those of you contemplating taking Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) for Covid-19 be ware that when used appropriately for lupus or RA an eye exam is required before starting the medicine and periodic eye exams to make sure that retinopathy does not occur. I strongly recommend that no one experiment on themselves with this medication. I hope to SEE you at the makerspace, and it would be nice if you can see me.

Beware that there is a fine line between theraputic usage and death. 400mg has been prescribed to someone I know for lupus… 1 Gram gets scary with heart rhythm issues that could pop up. 2 Gram = death.


Self-medicating can be done but is fraught with peril. There is a reason docs and (especially) pharmacists go to school for a long long time.

And as a side-note, “natural” doesn’t mean “safe”.

Stay healthy, folks.