Donations for Creative Arts

Hey Creative Arts People,

My girlfriend wanted to donate some canvases and other things in a bag to Dallas Makerspace. Where should I take the items?

Kevin Thompson

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@Starreyedgirl @jrkriehn


THANK YOU bunches for asking ahead instead of leaving unlabeled random bag of random stuff somewhere in CA to be spotlighted in our recurring guessing game of “is it forgotten, abandoned, a donation, and do we need or have space for it?”

Not that it happens cough regularly :roll_eyes:


I don’t suppose you live near Denton, do you?
Reason I ask is that for the canvasses at least, a better destination would probably be SCRAP in Denton; a non-profit located across the street from that Morrison’s Cornkits mill that accepts donations of crafty stuff and resells to public for reuse in art projects etc.

We (DMS CA) got a lot of donated canvasses awhile back, in hopes of them being quickly adopted by members for projects. But after several months, we sadly had to put them on the “free” shelf n the back of the south warehouse.

Not knowing what the “other stuff” would be, I can’t say whether it would be stuff that we can add to inventory or would be best placed on the free shelf and “advertised” to the membership via talk.


Hi Kevin!

We should be able to use the canvasas and such. When will you be at the space to drop them off? I will be up there on Saturday.



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SCRAP is a fantastic place!

I donate to them on a regular basis - they always say YES!


If I have yarn, would SCRAP be a better place than you guys?

Just recently moved here and realized that I have a lot of yarn that I will never actually knit or crochet so want it to go to a decent home.

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I think that’s a good question for @kyrithia to answer

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Yeah go ahead and take it to scrap if it’s acrylic yarn, like for afghans, or novelty yarn. We’ve had some really large donations recently. We do sometimes absorb donations in our teaching/member box, but so so full from recent stuff.


Now if it’s wool or other natural fibers, ie sock yarn, cotton, or whatever, those would find a happy home at a Tuesday fiberfrolic (you can let me know and I’ll tell you where to leave them if can’t make a Tuesday).

It’s like feeding chum to sharks. :crazy_face:


Do you accept yarn from knitpicks? I still have a box of that and sock yarn.

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That would probably find a happy home at a frolic :heart:

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I have some sock yarn and a couple of kits that I am just never going to complete. And have some feltable wool yarn when I got on a bag kick that quickly died out. No acrylic but I do have some balls of dishcloth cotton yarn.

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All of that would find good homes with folks that come to Tuesday fiberfrolics

Bring it by on a Tuesday evening or let me know if you want to leave it and I’ll tell you where