Donated Fleece from Jeannie Harwell's estate

At the end of August, the Creative Arts committee was gifted with Jeanne’s ENORMOUS stash of fleece and weaving yarns by her husband David. Both @Starreyedgirl and I could tell right away there was no way we could absorb the entire donation and/or do it justice. But I set about working to eat the elephant one bite at a time.

Former DMS members @Martha_Myre and @ @classielassie came a few days later in the month, and helped me sort through the donation to weed out the unusable stuff (buggy, mildewed or otherwise). They identified items that could be put to use by the Fiberarts SIG, and chose a few special items to add to their own stashes.

Yesterday, my friend Ashley Leon, a recent graduate of UNT from the (now defunct) Fiberarts degree program, came to help me photographically catalogue the stash, so I can allow DMS members and DMS FiberFrolic Facebook group members to see whether there is anything they would like to adopt - whether to have a small memento of the lady who inspired so many of us, continue to build their skills, or both. She also selected some favorite bits and pieces for herself and some of her fellow recent grads - that are of the “broke ex-college student” variety to continue building their skills with spinning, dyeing, weaving, felting etc.

I put together a photographic peek into each of the remaining 36 bin-loads of goodies. I’ve taken the liberty of doing screenshots of each of the bins with an identifying number and an attempt at a description. (this is way out of my comfort zone, so I can’t appropriately use words like “top”, “roving” etc.

If you are a member, the bins are on the storage racks near the Logistics Project Purgatory Room in the south warehouse. The yarns are on the shelving facing Purgatory, all of the fleeces/roving are on the racks facing out towards the work area.

Last night, the Creative Arts Committee discussed both this donation and the many boxes of leather samples from Gulfstream that we have. We aren’t terribly comfortable with putting prices on any of this, but we need it to go. So, we agreed that in exchange for acquisitons that you make a donation to the DMS Scholarship (fellowship?) Fund. And if you have some makery skills to share, consider offering a class once life is closer to “normal” again.

(Edited to correct bakery to makery and add “Fellowship” to the donation destination, since @MellissaRhodes nudged me that I might have it wrong. But too tired to go investigate further.)

All of this stuff has to be gone by the end of the month. If anything remains, it will be carried out to the dumpster. Which would be a shame.

If I can figure out a way to host a one-day garage sale of sorts - whether outside as a drive-through type event or in the flex area, we will likely offer both the fiber pictured and the leather samples.


Thank you to everyone who donated their time to this.


Wow!!! I can’t imagine the amount of work that must have taken for you guys to sort through all of that. Thank you!

Will there be any classes in the future of things you can do with fiber like this? I’ve watched people spin yarn from fiber, but I’ve never tried it myself. I’d be interested in learning the process and things you can do with raw materials like this.

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That’s a lot of stuff! I can’t use it but I’ll talk to some people and see if I can find a good home or two.

I cannot speak to class availability now or in the future for Fiberarts. I haven’t had anyone step up to take over SIG leadership yet, let alone class planning.

There is a shop in Farmersville, “Fancy Fibers”, (temporarily sharing retail space with the yarn store called “Yarn and You”) that specializes in weaving, spinning, and that sort of thing. I know she teaches classes - at least when life is normal, anyway. There is a business in Lewisville that specializes in bamboo and bamboo-blended fibers that might offer classes with their products. There may also be members of the Dallas Handknitters Guild who do this sort of thing.

Each of those photos is a large BIN. Just FYI.

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When we get closer to the end of the month, we should probably post those leftovers on the FB page.

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I was going to post a link to the pix on TALK to the fiber frolic Facebook page now. They were the targets of a garage sale-like situation. As in somebody besides myself setting up, gatekeeping the number of people coming into the lobby, how long, take-down…

Bleah. I hate being in charge.


How does Saturday 9/26, sound for a garage sale-ish thing? I’ll wait for the 10 days out before I post it. We’ll see how much is left by the 16th.

Hello! I just joined today and am waiting for my green dot, but I’ll be back tomorrow and was interested in picking up some of this material! What is the best way to send a donation to the scholarship fund?

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Somebody else may know a better option, but cash or check probably works best. It’s hard to make such a designation using any of the CC options to pay.

No problem! Where do I put the cash

Envelope with designation and your name on the outside. You could put it in the Finance box, on the wall beside the copier in the Common room, or in the slot in the black “tombstone” that the Square sits on in Creative Arts.

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The question has been asked about donations to the Fellowship/Scholarship fund in Jeannies memory. I’m thinking I need to post signage accordingly.

What are the best/easiest to process options?

  • Cash/check as @dryad2b suggested?
  • PayPal?
  • An additional entry on a Payment tombstone somewhere?

Cash/check is always good. Anyone that would like to can also make an unrestricted donation with Credit Card or Paypal via this link:

I don’t have a pre-made link for donating to the Maker Fellowship Fund, but I’ll look into creating one.


There’s this one (I know nothing except it exists, so maybe that doesn’t qualify for “dedicated”)

can be found here

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Awesome, that should work.


Sunday night, I posted a photographic “catalogue” on the two shelving units, along with a QR code link to the paypal option and what to do with cash or check.

I also added a request to not take the totes.
I couldnt figure out a way to separate the bins belonging to Logistics from the ones that accompanied the donation. Easier to figure out disposal of empty bins than try to retrieve bins that werent supposed to leave.


I’m about to start a blanket for my baby with these two rolls I picked up from bins. I am so excited!

Thank you all for your hard work in organizing this. It was mesmerizing to go through the beautiful collection in the totes. I have never even thought about spinning my own yarn, but I grabbed a bit of fluff and I’m in the process of learning how to do it, thanks to this amazing donation and all of your efforts getting it to the public.