Dog or Cat Fabric Collar Class July 11

So you’ve taken Sewing 101 and want to practice your newfound sewing machine skills? Or maybe you’re already an experienced sewist who wants to try something new? Does your pet or a friend’s pet need some new bling? Take my fabric Dog or Cat collar class this Thursday, July 11 at 5:00pm! Lots of spaces available, and you’ll go home with a beautiful brand new wardrobe piece for your favorite furry pal!

Hope to see some of you there!


I think the problem is probably the start time. Most people get off work at 5 ish so making a 5pm class isn’t possible. :confused:

The example collars are super cute though :slight_smile:

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Agree…I wanted to have it later, but there’s a meeting in the CA Studio that night. I may try again for another night when there’s later availability, or after Sewing moves to the new room.

For future reference, you can do sewing stuff in the other classrooms. It’s not that much of a hassle to move the supplies, and you can ask your students to help. :blush:

True, I’ll remember that for next time.

Yeah – I typically book Purple, and take the mail cart and roll all the machines and supplies out. Sometimes it’s Interactive, and Lecture Hall is my last resort. I won’t teach sewing in CA on a bet – there are usually too many folks doing things in there.