Does Machine Shop want this (donation)?

@TBJK, @procterc, @malcolmputer, @BobKarnaugh, et all -
I recently picked up a 6" Kurt clone vise for my router mill that comes with a swivel base like this:

I’m keeping the vise but don’t need the swivel base in any fashion.

It’s heavy and would work well on the Bridgeport (1 and 2) with the current vise and is a good alternative to the rotary table where you just need to set an angle. If MS wants it I’ll set it aside until after you open else I’ll scrap it.
I don’t need a tax form, just want to find this a home or a good scrap yard. Let me know.


Looks handy to me.

It can be. Not for creating arcs (like the rotary) but for setting a quick angle then cutting across that angle it can be useful or at least quicker. I don’t need it because I’m using CNC to cut all angles.

The older Kurt vise doesn’t have a base like that. Could be handy.


Yep I’d say we could use it.

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I agree, but I’m completely ignorant. Just felt like being involved.


Ok I’ll set it aside.

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Thanks Nick.

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Excuse to come this way for BBQ :yum:

Sure! (You’re buying! Ha ha :grinning::crazy_face::grin:)