Do you own something that's in the Hackerspace area?

VCC and SDC merged into the Hackerspace committee. Our area is in the south lobby. Please let me know if you own something in our area by end of day Sunday, October 27th. We are reimagining the space and don’t want to move your stuff without your consent. Let me know by replying to this or emailing [email protected]. In your email, include a list of all the items that you own.

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that imac is on extended loan from @bunny, the xaxon games are also on loan, if we can scan the cases and manuals without damage then get those back to rhe owner

The Blue iMac I loaned long ago so please don’t throw it in the trash, if you aren’t wanting to use it anymore at the space I would like it back. I have heard that you are attempting to get rid of things in the committee area.

Should we be tearing up things so close to the elections when things could change? Those of us at the last meeting voted to not get rid of the museum.

If your committee voted to keep the museum you shouldn’t be overriding this


I’m not getting rid of the museum.

Never had any plans to throw it in the trash.

I didn’t tear anything up. But you technically didn’t say that I did, so I can’t hold you responsible for providing evidence for such an accusation. Because you technically didn’t accuse me of tearing things up.

Big thanks to @chimpera for helping organize the place and mount some of our hardware to the rack.


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Above the equipment rack there is a Cellphone Extender that belongs to DMS. It is labeled as such. It is close to the window for better reception. Please do not move it, Stan installed it there.

It was accidentally unplugged today. I plugged it back in. You might want to have someone check if it’s still working properly. I did move it, still on top of the rack. I’ll move it back to where it was.

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If I am correct, the cellphone repeater is for Sprint… DMS has bad coverage inside the buildibg, this solved the problem. Hopefully someone who uses Sprint can check out their reception to see if it is working.

@patrickpleez1 You have Sprint, right? Can you confirm the coverage?

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We need to rack the server I bought for the group in the spring. I am not sure were it is but it would be nice to get it up and running. I think its in the new expansion area sitting on a shelf. Were we ever able to get a cable drop and does the rack have enough power? I think this is something we were working on… sorry just don’t want to waste 400 bucks, I believe the last conversation we had about this is that it was going to be used for docker containers after an ex member taught a Linux 101 class and had several students wipe out there boot partitions.

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Good work! Looks great.

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I think infrastructure has that stored away somewhere in the back.

Doubt that there is a lot of power for running a lot of things at any one given time in the area but there is networking from the powerline ethernet setup.

Any permanent changes to the committee area have to be approved by the chair of course. I recommend attending the committee meeting tonight at 7 (online since the space closed its doors due to Coronavirus concerns)

There are instructions on how to join here:

Anyone can add an agenda item on the wiki page. Do that and we’ll discuss the proposal. Let me know if you have any questions, for example about the format agenda items.