Do we have dyes at the space

I have an idea that i want to test out, but it requires like a single drop of dye from several different colors. Do we have any dyes at the space that will work with Allumilite resin? And what is the price to use them?

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We have most of the alumilite brand dyes as well as a variety of mica powders and alcohol inks (in the resin cabinet). There isn’t a perfect way to estimate cost so we asked that folks donate a buck or 2 depending on how much they use. sounds like you’ll be in the $1 category if you’re just trying a drop of each color.

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There is a bin full of dyes in the resin cabinet in CA. Policy is if you use some leave a buck or two, if you use a lot leave more than a buck or two.


If you want color for resin - visit my website I have every color you can think of (both opaque and transparent) in a number of different consistencies (powders, tints, pastes, micas, dry pastes, etc). If you see a color you like message me and I can bring it up to makers.