DMS Picnic - Aerial Video?

Just a thought, but could we get someone (or two) to record some fun aerial video of the picnic??

I think it would be a great addition to photos that will be taken during the event.


I love this idea!! :smiley:

@Team_Aerospace (and anyone else who might step up to do this…), I would love to add any footage y’all get from the picnic to our YouTube channel ~ either as a direct upload to our channel, or at least linked on a playlist on our channel! :movie_camera: :smile:

Have asked a friend of mine to bring his DJI Mavic Pro, hopefully the weather is good


What is the plan if the weather is bad?

If weather is bad, we take over the Makerspace

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There’s a PGA Tour event in Fort Worth that weekend so they’ll get the bad weather.


…and turn it into total, complete 'Space cleaning and maintenance day!! It’ll be the best pic-a-nic ever!


If we come I’ll bring a quad along.


Meat Man - he told me about it.

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Bring on all the drones people. All of them.

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All of them? (psst…they’re listening…)

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Sorry to be “that guy” but… Check Carrollton regs before flying. Richardson (city of Wet Blankets) has a “no R/C in city parks” rule that may or may not get enforced depending on the cop’s mood and how cool they think drones are. Or so I’ve heard.


Ugh…that guy is here again guys.


Good call, maybe we can bring a painting pole and a gopro instead. I actually found this morning, I have sent a request to join.


Just for that, I’m not coming to your picnic. Oh and because I’ll be helping move my M-I-L into assisted living, that could be a factor, too.

I have heard the lady that run the parks in Carrollton absolutely loves drones. This is second hand information but I can send out an email and confirm but I would not worry to much about it.


Anybody have a 360 camera ball? Those are also pretty fun

If we decide to go that route, I have a professional tree trimming setup with a pole which can go up to 32 feet long.

I thought the space had one of these now?

I think we do, however tools typically can’t leave the building