DMS Makers Sale - Saturday 11/26, 11-5PM

Come join us this Saturday the 26th from 11-5

Come to Dallas Makerspace for our Annual Makers Sale! We will have jewelry, handmade glass beads, handmade blank books, fine writing accessories, and other wonderful items made by the makers of Dallas Makerspace. Suite 104, at the far north end of 1825 Monetary Lane.


And, vendors can open at 10 am if they want to. I set the time for 11 am, because that works well for me. But! Tours start at 10 am, so we can be open then. I am leaving it up to the individual vendor.

@sroriginals @charlielong @Laureril (if y’all can make it) @jmeinel

These folks (and Stardrake Books) are the current vendors. Anyone else – just let me know!

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And, this year we’re supposed to have a theme of education and talk up DMS classes. I’m not sure that this will be different from previous years, as most makers tend to talk about these things anyway. But – it’s the theme!

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Excited to see y’all tomorrow! I’ll be selling 20 sided dice ornaments for the TTRPG fans.


I completely forgot I needed to stop by the fair this weekend!

How was the turnout? Did we have many tables this year?

7 people signed up for tables, and 6 showed up. Attendance wasn’t heavy, but some sales were made.

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