DMS folks especially woodworkers (log sections)

I have a lot of wood stuff that I have accumulated over the last 10 years and I need to liquidate some of it.

I have a box full of oak (I think) discs for coasters, epoxy tabletops, or art projects.

I also have a box full of dime to quarter size cutoff (I think cypress) for an art project I was playing around with. These are smooth because I built a tumbler and tumble them for hours.

I have a load of cypress limbs and a few stumps (one is especially nice).

I have a load of oak stumps 8 to 12 in diameter and around a foot long.

All of these things have been stored either in my garage or in my storage shed – nice and dry.

If you are interested, email me at [email protected].


I just emailed you some specifics regarding a request. Let me know what you got?