DMS First Annual Holiday Cookie Contest

Do you make cookies? Are they the hit of the town? Do you just like baking and want to share so that Santa doesn’t have to eat them all?

Well, you are in luck! At the holiday party on the 18th of December, bring your best cookies. We will have a table with numbers for the cookies and a ballot box for others to choose the best cookie.

Winner will be announced at the end of the party.


What will be the judging criteria?

Presentation and taste. Mainly taste. Mmmm Cookies.

We probably should have a few categories. Best Decorated, Best Presentation, Best Taste. Might want to subdivide best taste, depending on the number of entries. I mean, the best chocolate is quite different from the best non-chocolate.

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That’s fair. So, that sounds like a great plan.

Best Presentation
Best Chocolate
Best Non-Chocolate
Best of Show

Sounds like a good idea, but what did you envision as the difference between Best Presentation and Best of Show?

Do they have to be edible cookies?


So who is going to judge this shindig? (Not volunteering) I dont need anymore help in the Santa look alike contest.


As a supertaster with a sweet tooth who enjoys cookies, I volunteer as tribute.


You’d have to work really hard on your presentation. That just looks like a loser in the taste category.

My immediate thought had been that every consumer got tickets to “vote”, and a little jar by each entry to hold the votes.


The difference between presentation and best in show is best in show is the one with the most votes in all categories.


What’s the definition of a chocolate cookie? Chocolate dough? Chocolate pieces? Chocolate frosting?

Just trying to understand …

I would say that a majority of the cookie has to be chocolate, so chocolate chip cookies wouldn’t work, but a chocolate brownie cookie would.

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Perfect example. Thanks.

And “Most Humorous”

I have a great gluten free cookie recipe, may have to make some of those

Honestly I’d say that if chocolate is the primary flavoring, it should count. So like chocolate chip cookies should count, because if they don’t they’d be in the ‘not chocolate’ category and it hardly makes sense for the chocolate chip cookies to wind up in the ‘not chocolate’ section

The cookie base is in itself a vanilla cookie. The chocolate chips are the only chocolate. So, unless the chocolate chips are the kind to completely melt into the batter and make it chocolate, a chocolate chip cookie is not considered chocolate. LOL

at least your still red… i have so much grey this year